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Why Seeking Companionship of Escorts isn’t Taboo

Why Seeking Companionship of Escorts isn’t Taboo

Why I wasn’t always a believer that seeking the companionship of escorts was the best confidence builder, and how a friend of mine changed my mind forever.

This friend who had no idea what I did for a living started asking me some pretty strange questions a few weeks ago. He started off by complaining that he was having a hard time connecting with women lately, he has gained a little bit of weight after his divorce and his game wasn’t stellar at the bars. I really felt bad for him, he’s not a bad-looking man, and if he wasn’t so desperate I would even find him attractive, hence his major issue.


Women can’t stand desperation. If they smell even the faintest scent, they will run away faster than the roadrunner.

When I tried to tell him that there were other options out there, like tinder, bumble even hinge he turned them all down and said they were all a waste of money. He secured himself a few dates, but then bad reviews after the first curtain call.  He told me how he had several encounters with women from Tinder that ended in particular failure due to the fact that women have unlimited options when it comes to dating.

I tried telling him over and over again that I for a fee I could easily arrange an evening out with a gorgeous woman he could “practice” with.

Before I got any further he interrupted me and said he had been thinking about hiring an escort just so he could re-build his confidence. I wanted to encourage him, I wanted him to feel like I was there for him and that his idea (which little did he know plays out nightly with hundreds of men across Canada) was simply a brilliant and very effective tool in overcoming even the worst case of desperation.

Seeking the Companionship of Escorts is Like Therapy

I told him that I work in Public Relations in the adult companionship field, I said one of my clients is one of Canada’s largest escort agencies and we have the most diverse and multicultural selection of experienced and professional models on the market.

He was floored, he couldn’t believe it, he said he knew I worked in “the industry” but he thought I worked for a film house or a distribution company.

I asked him, what kind of girl does he like? Blonde, Brunette, Skinny, Tall, Short? Is he into Asian women, Latinas or Caribbean women? I could tell he was getting excited, he had so many questions, and I was trying to tell him how I encounter men with the same issue all of the time.

He thought it was only perverts and losers, and when I told him how our escort agency caters to some of the highest paid CEOs and sports professionals he was in shock.

I told him the following, I said look if you are feeling down and out and you just seem like you can’t catch a break why not surround yourself with an experienced professional go have dinner talk, flirt and be honest. Let the professional steer you in the right direction and before you know it all of your fears and anxiety will melt away like birthday candle wax.

I showed him two profiles after he divulged what he was into:

Morgan and Giselle who would be perfect for his little social experiment. He was hesitant at first, but when I showed him how he could register online, book and even pay without even speaking to anyone he felt relieved, anonymous and very excited.

If this story sounds familiar, and you are looking for ways to break out of a frustrating divorce funk, or if your wife just left you and you feel like you’ve lost all confidence then please give Cachet a call, check out the ladies online and have fun.

My friend after three appointments went out a few weeks later while at the Thompson hotel met a gorgeous teacher he now calls his girlfriend. He couldn’t believe how his own behavior caused was the cause of his own misery.

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