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Dining in Toronto, Escort Service Recommendations

Dining in Toronto, Escort Service Recommendations

Dining in Toronto but just don’t know where to go? Want to feel connected with your restaurant and provide an atmosphere of tradition and grandeur?

Look no further than this small but quirky list compiled with the help of dinner data created on OpenTable. Cachet Ladies also added their our own comments as to why we think these places are a fun place to hit before a party.

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar — The Keg Mansion, Toronto Dining.

Dining in toronto

From their own website: Eating at The Keg Mansion is a truly unique dining experience. The historic dining room at Euclid Hall is the perfect place to enjoy world-famous Keg steaks and seafood. Delicious food and a remarkable one of a kind setting make every visit to the Keg Mansion elegant and unforgettable.

The beautiful exterior houses a stunning dining room that elevates any occasion while maintaining the casual welcoming atmosphere every Keg restaurant is proud of. Relax and try one of the tasty shareable appetizers while sipping a signature cocktail or featured martini. Though famous for steak and fresh seafood, the menu also includes tender chicken dishes, juicy prime rib, and original salads. Ask your server to help pair your main course with something from the incredibly detailed wine list. Lastly, indulge your sweet tooth with our Billy Miner Pie, and Brownie Sundae on the dessert menu. Eating delicious food in one of a kind place will make anyone smile. Just one visit is all it takes to see why The Keg Mansion is considered one of the best Toronto restaurants.

Type of Dining style: Casual elegant, feeling of homeliness

Cuisines: Steakhouse, seafood, steak

Address: 515 Jarvis St.

Phone Number: 416-964-6609

Website: http://www.kegsteakhouse.com

Why would an escort service recommend this place?

Cachet Ladies recommends this specific location because The KegSteakhouse and Bar is a go-to for almost anyone seeking good food and value at the same time. It’s a known fact that the service is almost identical no matter what location you visit. Yet at this specific Keg, you get a little more. If you know what you are doing there are so many small private nooks to hide away, even if you a party of 5 or more there is a specific room you can be away from everyone else. If you are pre-eating this place is a serious contender for privacy and good food. We recommend it for the value and honestly ambiance. It really never fails.

Cluny, Toronto Dining.

Dining in Toronto

From their own website: This is a little different they supply a list of items that define who they are.

1 Big, crazy dream
11,000 sq. ft. Beautiful space designed by Munge Leung Design (Canada’s Top Hospitality Design Firm)
45 Historic buildings surrounding the restaurant
100 Caring hearts from a professional, yet fun, hospitality team
2 dozen Heated debates over what the coolest French restaurants are
½ tsp Fresh truffle & Parisian butter
A dash of Creativity and playfulness
1 Elite management team
26 Bottles of Valium to ease the nerves of everyone involved
Unlimited Cocktails or glasses of wine to make any night a better one

Type of Dining style: Casual and elegant, a tab bit stuffy

Cuisines: A strange cross between French Contemporary and an American Bistro

Address: 35 Tank House Ln.

Phone Number: 416-203-2632

Website: www.clunybistro.com

Why would an escort service recommend this place?

Cachet Ladies recommends this because they are located in the distillery district, the place is just massive so chances of being spotted are low, there are numerous places to seat and be not seen as well as the food is better than average. The place will impress any date or party that accompanies and it still lends to an incredible value. It’s second on our list of go-to escort recommended and escort friendly restaurants.

Rooftop Bar at the Broadview Hotel, Toronto Dining.

Dining in Toronto

From their own website: The Broadview Hotel’s casual refined menus feature locally sourced, southern Ontario produces, connecting guests with our historical origins. From the seasonal and authentically rooted menu to the warm and exacting hospitality, our hotel restaurants reference the city’s remarkable past and presents it with modern finesse and elegance.

Type of Dining style: Casual dining, with a feeling like you, know what you’re doing, and you are plugged in sir.

Cuisines: International Cusine available

Address: 106 Broadview Ave.

Phone Number: 416-362-8439

Website: https://www.thebroadviewhotel.ca/

Why would an escort service recommend this place?

Cachet Ladies recommends this rooftop bar in the summertime because it caters to a crowd that is younger, and regardless if you are there with an escort hitting solo, traveling with a few companions, or providing a great traditional pre-game party this place supplies the ambiance and everyone blends into the background. We recommend it specifically on a Wednesday night out in Toronto.

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