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Sugar Daddy Dating in Toronto

Sugar Daddy Dating in Toronto

Today we came across a well-written and insightful piece by a Toronto Star reporter named JONATHAN FORANI. It’s not a recent article, but it caught our attention. Since Cachet Ladies is a Social dating service, we wanted to see what other types of services are being offered in Toronto. We were left wanting to know so much more after coming across the article: Sugar daddy dating: Toronto men bid on first dates online.

Really, men bidding on dates? We were intrigued by this social dating model. At first, it sounded a little unnecessarily complicated. How can such a complicated and perverse business model actually be socially acceptable? It’s hard enough for Cachet Ladies to explain to the general public that we are an adult social dating website that introduces incredibly gorgeous women to men who are feeling lonely. What’s the catch, they always ask, and we say it’s expensive, that’s the catch.

In his article, Jonathan summarizes that the general public has deemed that the website whatsyourprice.com is essentially an escort agency of ill repute. When he wrote his article on this most curious of businesses, it was deemed that it had 7000 Toronto users. They also paid, on average, approximately $214 for a first date. This had us thinking about last week’s article Why Dating on Tinder Feels More Like Being a Cop.

What’s so interesting about this article, and different is that the star went along with one of the users on a date. We loved the witty comment about how the user couldn’t figure out why he was getting a better response rate on a website where he’s paying women to be with him.

The article definitely touched on issues that we are all too familiar with, when clients pressure their dates for more than what is allowed. We liked how the author stayed pretty neutral in his assessment of the business, after all, there is no direct evidence of prostitution. Again, as we read the article we can’t help but feel a sense of familiarity when reading about how people see their “dating” business model. We too have been targets of such rumors even though we go through every single precaution to ensure client and model safety.

Like Cachet Ladies, the article quotes the website owner saying: “We make it extremely clear that, first of all, no sex is involved. You can’t talk about sex and you shouldn’t expect sex on the first date,”. Now if we can only get people to believe us.

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